World of Warships Legends Update 2.4

World of Warships Legends Update 2.4 now with Warhammer 40K content

Players who have always wanted to see the worlds of World of Warship: Legends and Warhammer 40,000 merge, have every reason to be happy thanks to Update 2.4 of the Wargaming title. This brings Warhammer 40,000 inspired content into the game and lets users choose between different content bundles. In addition, numerous American cruisers set sail in the early access sea. The new update is rounded off by the new “Lone Veteran” campaign as part of the 4th of July celebrations. World of Warships Legends Update 2.4 

World of Warships Legends Update 2.4

To keep his players happy, Wargaming keeps coming up with new additions and collaborations for his own titles like World of Tanks or World of Warships. For example, the Girls and Panzer Collection for World of Tanks Blitz already existed. World of Warships Update 2.4 takes a different, much darker route. It merges naval battles with the world of Warhammer 40,000. As a result, various bundles are created that bring matching skins for ships, captains with harmonious voiceovers, camouflages and flags of the Imperium of Man or of Chaos. World of Warships Legends Update 2.4 

Full speed towards July 4th
For the celebrations of July 4th, Wargaming is bringing early American cruisers with the Dallas Tier V and Helena Tier VI to Early Access. Although these are well armed with rapid-fire projectiles, they require trained controls. The new “Lone Veteran” campaign is also dedicated to the important American holiday. As part of the campaign, players encounter the heavy cruiser Wichita, which was a kind of hybrid between a Brooklyn-class light cruiser and a New Orleans-class heavy cruiser and was part of the entire 2nd World War. Players can complete a total of 95 levels within five weeks of the update. Thanks to more difficult, optional tasks, particularly motivated captains have the option of ending the campaign a week earlier. World of Warships Legends Update 2.4 

Since some players are about to complete the first Bureau projects, a new one has already been prepared with “Red, White, and Blue”. Thanks to the project, players can unlock permanent Stars N’Stripes camouflage for several US cruisers and the Iowa. The final prize is the Tier V Premium Battleship California.

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