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WhatsApp brings the right feature at the right time: From now on you can start video calls via the popular messenger with larger groups than before. In the future, you will no longer have to switch to other services if you want to invite more than four people. However, this is not yet possible for all users.

At least iPhone users can be happy: If you start a group video call with WhatsApp in the future, there is room for up to eight participants. A corresponding update for the iOS version of the messenger is already available. Android users still have to be patient, so far there has been no update.

Apparently, you can currently only invite friends to an 8-person video chat who have already installed the update for WhatsApp. If you want to start a video call with Android users, you are still limited to a maximum of four people. However, we expect the update to reach the Android faction in the coming days. Especially in times of social distancing, the developers are certainly aware that the new feature should reach all users promptly. Because for many people, video calls may just be the only way to see friends and family.

We have not yet been able to test how the new upper limit will affect data consumption during video calls. But you are on the safe side if you start the calls via a WLAN. Incidentally, the desktop or web version of WhatsApp still does not support videotelephony. Will, you so call friends and family on their laptop, you need to switch to another service.

Border not yet reached
The fact that WhatsApp is expanding its group video chats is gratifying and also necessary. The competitors are already traveling in completely different sizes: Facebook Messenger and Skype offer space for a maximum of 50 users. Apple’s FaceTime has up to 32 participants. What service provides and for which video telephony platform, you should make up your mind, you can find out in our review.


If you don’t yet know how to use the feature, we will explain in our guide how to start a group video call with WhatsApp. You can find out more about WhatsApp groups, how to create, join, or delete them in this article.

Do you use group video calls in WhatsApp or is another video call service your favorite? Please write to us with your opinion in the comments.

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