Senate couples suspected to have influenza virus testing confirmed in March

Senate couples suspected to have influenza virus testing confirmed in March

Senate couples suspected to have influenza virus testing confirmed in March

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia stated on the 28th that he and his wife Anne Holton had symptoms of suspected flu between March and April this year, but the two An antibody test report was released this month, confirming that the couple had antibodies against the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Holden, a lawyer, is currently acting principal of George Mason University.

62-year-old Ken said that he had confirmed the flu early this year. At that time, he saw a doctor for treatment, but by the end of March, the body began to feel uncomfortable again, and some new symptoms appeared. He said that at the time it was thought that it should be caused by flu residue, plus pollen allergy.

He said that his wife had a brief fever and a chill in March, and then had a stuffy nose before finally coughing. Kenn had partnered with Hillary Clinton in 2016 to compete in the Democratic Party’s presidential election party primary.

Ken said that the family doctor judged that their husband and wife may be slightly infected with the new coronavirus, so they should be quarantined at home until they stop showing symptoms in mid-April.

During the period of physical discomfort, the Ken couples did not receive the new coronavirus test. Ken pointed out that the reason for the lack of virus testing was that “the virus testing team was out of stock nationwide.”

Holden, 62, wrote in a tweet: “Thanks to the home evasion prevention regulations, we did not infect our relatives, friends and colleagues with poor health.”

Ken had returned to work in the Senate in early May. When Ken attended the Senate hearing on the 12th, he tied a red and black headscarf in front of his nose and mouth.

Ken said that although both his wife and his wife have detected viral antibodies, there are still many uncertainties, so it is impossible to know how much protection the antibodies can provide.

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