U.S epidemic rises again White House suspects Mexico tourism

U.S epidemic rises again White House suspects Mexico tourism

The number of confirmed cases of New Coronary Pneumonia in the United States is climbing again. The Associated Press reported that the White House is understanding the possibility of a new wave of outbreaks caused by tourism in Mexico, rather than pushing the main cause of the outbreak to economic recovery.

The Associated Press pointed out that the Trump Administration’s New Coronary Pneumonia Group met in the White House Situation Room on the 11th to discuss the common points of the new wave of outbreaks. The epidemic prevention team spent a lot of time discussing Mexico’s tourism and epidemic situation; Officials at the meeting also considered how to improve the ability to respond to the epidemic. U.S epidemic rises again White House

The Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) deployed teams in new hotspot areas such as Arizona to try to track the outbreak and control the situation.

Two officials familiar with the discussions at the White House meeting told the Associated Press that they had asked for anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss internal conversations in public.

In addition to Arizona, there have recently been an increase in new cases of pneumonia in California, Texas, and North Carolina, especially in Hispanic communities; therefore, the White House Epidemic Prevention Team is understanding whether these additional cases may be related to the United States and Mexico. There is a serious outbreak in Mexico. U.S epidemic rises again White House

According to the statistics of Johns Hopkins University, as of the evening of the 12th EST, Mexico had nearly 140,000 confirmed cases and more than 16,000 deaths; however, the Mexican government said that the actual number of people infected was much higher than official statistics.

U.S epidemic rises again White House suspects Mexico tourism

Although President Trump often intends to block US borders and prohibit legal and illegal immigration during the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, US citizens and those holding permanent residence permits can still enter the United States as agricultural workers. U.S epidemic rises again White House

The Associated Press pointed out that the White House Epidemic Group also investigated other reasons for the recent rise in domestic cases, and believed that it may be different depending on the situation in each place; the White House also understood other reasons, such as delayed test returns, or some infected people conducted multiple tests to ensure that Safe resumption, etc. U.S epidemic rises again White House

Trump has long believed that Mexico is the source of crime and disease in the United States, and used the new coronary pneumonia crisis to promote his tough immigration proposals, including blocking asylum seekers at the border and restricting the issuance of green cards to overseas residents.

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