Cape Cod, a summer resort in Massachusetts, is ready to reopen this summer

Cape Cod, a summer resort in Massachusetts, is ready to reopen this summer

Cape Cod, a summer resort in Massachusetts, is ready to reopen this summer

The Cape Cod Restart Working Group is actively preparing for the release of this summer and the welcome of tourists. (Reporter Tang Jiali / Photography) summer resort in massachusetts

Cape Cod is the most popular summer resort in Massachusetts. Local officials said on the 28th that Cape Cod will be ready for tourists and will reopen this summer.

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce Chairman Wendy K. Northcross said in an online meeting that the Cape Cod Unsealing Working Group is doing a survey on the traffic data of the National Day of the Weekend and preparing for the re-merchants and the beach. She said a recent survey showed that two-thirds of people said they would visit Cape Cod if it was safe.

According to the gradual restart plan of Massachusetts, restaurant dine-in and hotel can be unblocked to a limited extent in the second stage on June 8, these two are the most important seasonal economic pillars of Cape Cod.

She said that people’s willingness to swim Cape Cod is very strong. As long as the security conditions and measures are in place, the Chamber of Commerce will launch a marketing plan to resume tourism and commercial operations. She encourages tourists to go online: to check information about the reopening process of businesses, tourism, and municipalities.

In preparation for the reopening, the working group has some specific measures, such as the health monitoring plan in cooperation with Cape Cod Hospital in Barnstable Township; communicate with the Massachusetts Restart Committee to understand the regulations and guidelines for holding large gatherings and outdoor recreation activities; Beach signs are used to regulate the guidance and law enforcement of the entire district; convene short-term rental working groups to formulate clean specifications; cooperate with local health bureaus to implement beach guidelines among towns simultaneously. summer resort in massachusetts

The working groups of Cape Cod Martha ’s Vineyard and Nantucket also advocated legislation to simplify the summer liquor license application process and allow merchants to quickly obtain permits to sell wine on the roadside.

State Senator Cyr, who represents the Cape Cod area, said that Cape Cod welcomes tourists from all over the country. After reopening, tourists and residents must still be cautious about epidemic prevention. It is necessary to wear masks, wash hands, keep distance, and follow public health guidelines before re-implementation Open the pace and restore the glory of the regional tourism economy. summer resort in massachusetts

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