Sexual harassment: Controlled sexual harassment Li De urged Bai Deng to retire 27 years ago: if he lie test, I will test

Sexual harassment: Controlled sexual harassment Li De urged Bai Deng to retire 27 years ago: if he lie test, I will test

Sexual harassment: Controlled sexual harassment Li De urged Bai Deng to retire 27 years ago: if he lie test, I will test

Li De, who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by former Vice President Benteng, who was a senator of Congress 27 years ago, believed that Benteng should withdraw from this year’s presidential election. (Associated Press)
Tara Reade, a former Senate assistant who accused former Vice President Joseph Biden of sexual harassment, accepts former TV anchorwoman Mei Jin. Kelly (Megyn Kelly) interview said that Baiden should withdraw from the presidential election.

At the same time, the Associated Press reported that Douglas Wigdor, a famous sexual harassment lawyer who sponsored Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, said on the 7th that his company now represents Li De and provides her with many different suggestions.

Former Fox News and NBC TV anchor Kelly visited Li De on the 6th and posted an excerpt on Twitter on the 7th. When Bai Deng was interviewed by MSNBC on the 1st, he resolutely denied the accusation and said the matter was “absolutely false.”

Kelly ’s visit was Li De ’s first response to the camera after Baiden denied the allegations; Li De told Kelly that she asked Bai Deng to “stand up and take responsibility”, but she also said that even now Bai Deng apologized to her, It’s too late.

Li De told Kelly that she was willing to take charges against Baiden under oath and was willing to face cross-examination. When asked whether to accept a polygraph, Li De said: “If Bai Deng also polygraphs, I will test. But I am not a criminal.”

When asked if Ruo Baideng was watching this interview and wanted to say something to him, Li De said, “I want to say,” You and I were there at the time. Joe Baideng, please stand up and take responsibility. You The US president should not be elected. “”

When faced with Kelly and asked whether Bidden should retire, Li De said: “I hope he retires. But he will not retire. I hope he retires.”

Li De was Bai Deng’s office assistant during his tenure as a senator. She accused Baiden of pushing her against the wall in the Senate corridor in 1993, reaching into her skirt with her finger, and sexually assaulting her. In an interview with MSNBC on the 1st, Bai Deng first responded publicly to the accusation, saying that the incident never happened, and asked the National Archives Bureau to transfer his personnel file. Many well-known Democratic women, including Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand, said they “believe in Baiden.”

Li De, in Kelly ’s visit, talked about the most intense criticism of her from the outside world, referring to her as a Russian agent; this accusation was mainly because she had written an article praising Russian President Putin; Year has nothing to do. ” Li De said, “People are incited and I have received death threats for this. They think I am a traitor to the United States.”

Li De said that after accusing Brandon of sexual harassment, her social media account was hacked and she felt insecure. She said: “His election claims to let all women speak freely. But I can’t feel it.”

Li De was the first to accuse Brandon of sexual harassment in a podcast interview on March 25. After that, she talked to several reporters, but the mainstream media has never asked her to be interviewed on TV. Li De had talked with Fox News last Sunday about the show, but finally stopped.

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