Resident Evil 3 Remake: Tips & Tricks for the ApocalypseResident Evil 3 Remake: Tips & Tricks for the Apocalypse

Resident Evil 3 Remake: Tips & Tricks for the Apocalypse


Resident Evil 3 Remake: Tips & Tricks for the Apocalypse
Resident Evil 3 Remake: Tips & Tricks for the Apocalypse

Surviving in Racoon City is not easy: it feels like everything either wants to eat you up or completely tear you apart. The Resident Evil 3 remake puts you to the test, but with the following tips & tricks you will survive the apocalypse. Or at least improve your chances of getting away with it.


It happened again: In Racoon City, the T virus rages and the residents mutate en masse to zombies. Whoever enters the “Resi” world for the first time could easily be overwhelmed. In this case, you should definitely take a closer look at the mechanics of the game, analyze it and make use of it. Or: You just read this article.


RE3: Zombies without brains

Zombies are actually dead. This strange peculiarity makes them eat lead without toppling over. The medicine: shoot in the head. Stop fighting and take the time (if possible) to aim more precisely. Head hits do more damage and you have the chance to land a critical hit. The consequence: The hit zombie is guaranteed not to get up. If this is too difficult for you, you can start the “assisted aiming” in the settings.


Aiming at the head saves ammunition. Cartridges are no longer as rare as in the predecessor, but the undead are also significantly more numerous. If you do not use your resources wisely, you will quickly be empty-handed. Furthermore, you should adapt your weapon choice to the respective opponent. Of course, you can work on the top zombie Nemesis with the knife, in that case it takes forever to scare him off. Rule of thumb: The bigger the zombie, the bigger the caliber should be.


Speaking of knives: supposedly defeated zombies can stand up again. Fortunately, there is an antidote. Macabre, but effective: attack the zombie with the knife while it is lying on the floor. In this way you can be sure that it will not get up again. Your knife will not be damaged because, unlike the previous model, it is generally indestructible.

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Resident Evil: Playing with brains

Always take a close look at the surroundings. Sometimes you can use them in your favor. An example: Red barrels are explosive! It is often not that difficult to kill entire hordes in one shot. Attract the zombies, aim at the barrel and pull the trigger. Problem solved.


If there is no barrel nearby and your ammunition is running low, running away is no shame. You don’t have to kill the respawn zombies twice and three times. This saves time and valuable resources. Sometimes it is enough to run past a horde.


This also reduces the likelihood that you will be surrounded. If you stay too long, the game world will overrun you.


But Jill also learned and is much more agile than Leon and Claire in the predecessor: With R1 you can jump to the side with a lunge and avoid attacks. With the right timing, you can get away with it even in battle with the most powerful opponents.

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Chemistry and cartography: tips & tricks

If hungry zombies still nibble on you, that’s half as bad. Various remedies are distributed in Racoon City. Some of these can be combined and thus made more valuable. You can look up the recipes for this in the relevant file.


Resi veterans know: Take advantage of the card, because it is your friend. For example, it shows the next quest goal or items. Rooms are color-coded. If a room is blue, you have found everything. Something is still hidden in red rooms. If you leave an item, it is permanently marked on the map so that you can find your way there again if necessary.


Now comes the last tip. Make sure that your inventory is not cluttered with unnecessary things. You often have to (quest) take relevant items that take up space. In plain language: what can be combined should also be combined. Everything you don’t really need (combinable items) goes into the inventory box.


Did the help help you? Do you know any other tips? Leave us a comment.

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