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QR codes Scan on Android: This is how you read out the pixel graphics


QR codes
QR codes

Do you often run past small black and white pixel graphics and wonder how to read them? Simply photographing them is only of limited help – a QR code scanner is required instead. The good news: you don’t have to install an additional app for all devices.

QR codes usually hide links to websites with further information. But phone numbers, appointments, WiFi access or coordinates can also be encoded in this way. We’ll show you how to stop puzzled by graphics and give you some of the most important Android apps to read.

An important note in advance: A separate app is not absolutely necessary. Smartphones such as the Google Pixel 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 can scan QR codes, for example, thanks to a feature in the camera app. In addition, the offers Google Assistant such a practical extension. The functionality is the same for the integrated variant as for the apps, although third-party applications sometimes offer additional functions.

How to use a QR code scanner for Android
The scanning of QR codes is actually always the same: First, start the appropriate application – for example, the camera app of your cell phone. Then you fix the code with the camera and wait a short time. It is important that the code is sufficiently illuminated. Some third-party applications also use the camera flash on request. Hold the device as steady as possible during the detection and wait until the focus has adjusted. As soon as the code has been recognized, the app usually signals the completed process by briefly vibrating and ideally carries out the desired action after confirmation.



This third-party application offers all-round convenience
If you want to know what is behind a certain code and your cell phone cannot read QR codes at the factory, the QR & Barcode Scanner from Gamma Play could be something for you. As the name suggests, the app is not only used to read QR codes but also barcodes (for example on product packaging) of various types. The software is free of charge but contains advertising for it. Download the QR & Barcode Scanner here for free from the Google Play Store.

With these third-party apps, you can generate the codes yourself
If you not only want to read out information but want to “encrypt” and send it yourself using the QR code, we recommend the QR Droid app. The scanning process is quick and the app can also be used for codes that have been photographed. With barcodes, even manual entry of numbers works. As an alternative to the QR Droid app, the QR reader could be something for you. It offers a similar range of functions but does not work quite as quickly as QR Droid. Charging out the QR Droid app or QR Reader for free from the Google Play Store.



Our additional tip: Android 10 has a function with which WiFi access data can be shared directly using a QR code.

Scan and create QR codes – the short version

  • With QR codes you can call up websites, get location information, get WiFi access, and much more.
  • To be able to scan a QR code under Android, you need a suitable app.
  • Some smartphones already have the scanning function integrated into the factory.
  • Alternatively, there are third-party apps that have such a feature.
  • The QR codes are usually scanned using the camera on your device.
  • Most third-party apps can read both QR codes and barcodes.
  • With some applications, you can even generate the codes yourself.
  • How do you find the possibilities that QR codes now offer? We look forward to your comment.

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