PUBG Mobile PUBG Army Assault

PUBG Mobile PUBG Army Assault

PUBG Mobile PUBG Army Assault

Game review PUBG Mobile
PUBG: Army Assault is a project of the Timi Studio Group (consists of 6 development teams), which are under the wing of Tencent Games publisher. Previously, developers were involved in the mobile MOBA Honor of Kings, now known as Arena of Valor, as well as other games, the number of which totals about 15 on mobile devices and 6 on the PC platform. Reportedly, Army Assault is created on the Unreal Engine 4 engine, taking into account the opinion of Bluehole, so that in the end you should get a mobile shooter based on the original. PUBG Mobile PUBG Army Assault

PUBG Mobile publications, the latest news, reviews and articles on the PUBG Mobile game. MMO13 does not chase the amount of news, because our main specialization is new projects, including PUBG Mobile , as well as everything related to them. First of all, these are announcements, testing dates, important details, the first images and videos from the game. PUBG Mobile PUBG Army Assault

On this page you will find all the news, reviews and articles published on the game PUBG Mobile. When to wait for the next stage of testing? What can the game boast of? Who is developing? When released? It is all here.

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