PUBG Mobile Eid al-Adha Drops (Join)

PUBG Mobile Eid al-Adha Drops (Join)

Increase your chances of being first in the matches with PUBG Mobile Eid al-Adha Drops and win beautiful gifts from each other. You will be surprised to see what comes out of it. PUBG Mobile has prepared a special event for Eid al-Adha celebrations. You can win gifts called Sacrifice Feast Drops.

Thanks to the directions that will be shared by the influencers, you will have a chance to win the gifts. Cantuğ “Unlost” Özsoy, Cosmic Ant, Egoist Pati, Barış Bra and Mezarcı should follow the posts of famous names. You should also follow the posts and stories that will be shared on the last 2 days of the holiday in the official Instagram account of PUBG Mobile. We will continue to convey information about PUBG Mobile Eid al-Adha Drops.

PUBG Mobile Eid al-Adha Drops

Drop the Feast of Sacrifice PUBG Mobile Efficacy results on Tuesday, August 11 favorite PUBG Mobile Publishers Egoist Pati , Unlost , Peace Bra , Grave Digger , Cosmic Ant will be announced on the channel and Gleam!

PUBG Mobile Eid al-Adha Drops

Mail address will be used to reach the winning players. Winners who do not return to their mail address within 24 hours will lose their right and the right will be transferred to the selected substitute. Every mission you complete will increase your chances of winning! Be sure to fill out your full name / e-mail address information.

As always, PUBG Mobile continues to fly the Gift Airdrop plane on Eid al-Adha! Here’s what you need to do to win the products of your favorite brands!
Complete missions, follow our channels and wait for the winners to be announced by PUBG Mobile publishers!

PUBG Mobile Eid al-Adha Drops (Awards)
Awards distributed at the event called PUBG Mobile Eid al-Adha Drops:

  • x20 Razer Kraken Headset
  • x20 1 Year Lipton Ice Tea 330ml (365 boxes) Membership Package
  • 1x Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 2x SamsungGalaxy A71
  • 2x Samsung Galaxy A51 3x Samsung Galaxy A21s
  • 3x SamsungGalaxy A11
  • 3x Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1
  • 5x AKG Y400 Wireless Headphones
  • x100 MAC Cosmetic Set (False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara +
  • 2 Little MAC Lipstick)
  • x1 PUBG Mobile Level 3 Golden Helmet!
  • x60 PUBG Mobile 1800 UC
PUBG Mobile Eid al-Adha Drops (Awards)

We have given you all the current information about PUBG Mobile Eid al-Adha Drops above. At the same time, we have given above information about the awards you can earn and how you can participate.

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