Blizzard announced the next character for her “mob” Heroes of the Storm . Now, May, an ice demon from Overwatch, a cute climatologist, will be able to kick Diablo’s ass in the open spaces of StarCraft . OVERWATCH MAY ARRIVES AT HEROES OF THE STORM

In Heroes of the Storm, May takes on the role of a tank. It has good control abilities, mobility and survival, but is weak in siege and base damage. OVERWATCH MAY ARRIVES AT HEROES OF THE STORM

May’s list of core skills is as follows:

  • Snow blindness” – deals damage in the area, slows down and blinds enemies.
  • “Blizzard” is an analogue of the “ult” from Overwatch . May calls the Snezhka robot, which creates a snowstorm: enemies that fall within the scope of the snowstorm take damage and slow down, and closer to the end of the snowstorm they are stunned and take even more damage.
  • “Ice” – May covers the ground with ice and quickly glides over it. When May stops, an explosion of ice occurs around her, which knocks down enemies, slows them down and deals damage.
  • “Cryostasis” – May hides in the ice, where he restores health, gets shields and becomes unstoppable.
  • First Heroic Ability: Avalanche. A giant snowball that rolls around the map and draws in itself all the affected enemies. At the end, the snowball explodes, causing damage to drawn out enemies and stunning them.
  • Second Heroic Ability: Ice Wall. A high wall that blocks movement. All the enemies that are inside, the wall makes you numb, and then explodes and imposes a slowdown effect.

May is already available on the Heroes of the Storm test server . A full description of the patch is published here . Tests update will last until June 22. Below is a key illustration and some of the looks that May will have in Heroes of the Storm .

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