Is HTC Launching A Flagship That Will Mark 2020?Is HTC Launching A Flagship That Will Mark 2020?

Is HTC Launching A Flagship That Will Mark 2020?


It is famous to make claims about it before a new technological product is released. He is currently experiencing the same situation on HTC. Despite the fact that there is no definitive information yet, the allegations made make it a candidate for flagship phones of 2020. The recent claims have little to do with accuracy, but the claims are so solid that when the devices come out, the claims are almost affordable.

Is HTC Launching A Flagship That Will Mark 2020?
Is HTC Launching A Flagship That Will Mark 2020?


Exciting Phone After Galaxy Z Flip

Recently, phones that will excite Android lovers have begun to come out. Galaxy Z Flip, which was released in the past weeks, was one of them. This time the move from the excitement list is coming from HTC. The new HTC U 2020 will be the most powerful flagship phone of the year. However, information about the phone is rather limited. It is not known whether it will be a standard Android device or it will feature advanced differences.

Regardless of the situation, when HTC releases this device this year, we will be able to see a new flagship phone from HTC in 2020. As we have just mentioned, the company did not make a personal statement about their phones, but the information on Reddit is so ambitious that information about the battery capacity of the device has been shared.

Is HTC Launching A Flagship That Will Mark 2020?
Is HTC Launching A Flagship That Will Mark 2020?

5G Device Can Be Released With Qualcomm

The device is expected to be removed by agreement with Qualcomm, as well as the 5G technology that we will see on the new phones. These two features are determined based on the shares of the company. Reddit users who are evaluating the available information are among the claims that the device will use the Snapdragon X55 5G Modem. The Snapdragon X55 5G Modem is currently only available on the Snapdragon 865 processor. So the processor of the device will be 865 models. In addition to these, the battery is 4.000mAH in order to be strong and as good as its competitors.

128GB Storage 8GB RAM

When it comes to business storage, it is expected to be released with a single model. 128GB storage 8GB RAM. With these features, if HTC wants to pull out a device that appeals to the middle segment, it may come up with a medium processor like Snapdragon 765. According to the allegations, a classic Android device may also come out, and a high-end device equipped with 5G technology. HTC phones that come into the borders of Turkey Turkey is withdrawn from the market for HTC Turkey Guaranteed Importer not be guaranteed. This might be a drop in sales of HTC in Turkey’s market for some users worried.

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