Garmin paid multi-million dollar ransom to hackers who attacked the company’s online services

Garmin is known as a manufacturer of wearable electronics and navigation systems, and its proprietary services allow you to save and analyze data about your trips and even flights. However, the company’s users encountered difficulties in the operation of the services.

The manufacturer of smartwatches, fitness bracelets and GPS-navigation equipment Garmin paid a “multimillion-dollar” ransom to hackers who staged an attack on the company’s online services. Reported by Informant Tech , citing Sky News . Garmin paid multi-million dollar ransom to hackers who attacked the company’s online services

According to the publication, in return Garmin received a key to decrypt files and resume access to its services. As noted by Sky News, Garmin paid the ransom through Arete IR, a third-party firm, to avoid falling under US sanctions for its deal with hackers. What was the size of the ransom, Sky News does not specify. BleepingComputer, citing a source, wrote that the hackers demanded $ 10 million from Garmin to return access to its services.

On July 23, Garmin users started having problems accessing the company’s online services. Media reported that Garmin systems were attacked by the WastedLocker ransomware virus. Its developer is considered to be the hacker group Evil Corp, allegedly associated with the Russian security forces. Evil Corp members are under US sanctions. On July 27, Garmin confirmed that a cyberattack was the cause of the crash, but did not elaborate on the details. The company assured that the hackers did not obtain user data or degrade the functionality of Garmin products, and access to the company’s online services will be fully restored within a couple of days.

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