Fallout as a TV series: Westworld makers produce series for Amazon Prime

Fallout as a TV series: Westworld makers produce series for Amazon Prime

Fallout as a TV series: Westworld makers produce series for Amazon Prime

Kilter Films, which hides Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, produces a fallout series for Amazon Prime Video. Like the video game template, the streaming series is set to play in a nuclear contaminated, post-apocalyptic future. Not much is known, however.

Amazon and Bethesda have announced a TV series based on Fallout. The streaming series, which is simply called Fallout, is produced by Kilter Films, the studio of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, who have jointly developed the Westworld science fiction series. Amazon has already published its first teaser on Twitter . With the exception of the settings, almost nothing is revealed there. Fallout as a TV series

In general, not much is known about the planned Fallout series. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the project is currently under development. The contract appears to be such that the showrunners can skip the usual pilot phase if those responsible at Amazon like the script. In addition to Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, Athena Wickham, Todd Howard from Bethesda Game Studios and James Altman from Bethesda Softworks, who also work at Kilter, are named as executive producers. Fallout as a TV series

Todd Howard says that over the past decade, there have been many options for Fallout filming. “But from the moment I spoke to Jonah and Lisa for the first time a few years ago, it was clear to me that they and the Kilter team would be the ones doing it right. We are huge fans of their work and about working together we couldn’t be more excited with them and Amazon Studios. ” Fallout as a TV series

Dark future and subtle B-movie charm?
According to Bethesda, Fallout’s world is based on a vision of the future that was invented in the late 1940s. A world that is only transformed into a better one by atomic energy, only to fall victim to a nuclear disaster in 2077. Fallout has a serious tone, but is always peppered with irony and B-movie nuclear fantasies.

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In addition to Westworld, which runs at HBO, Kilter Films is currently also producing the serial adaptation of the sci-fi thriller The Peripheral for Amazon. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy signed a five-year deal with Amazon last year, but will continue to work on Westworld regardless. Jonathan Nolan is also known as a screenwriter. Films such as Memento, The Dark Knight and Interstellar also came from his pen. However, his brother Christopher Nolan directed it. Fallout as a TV series

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