How to download Youtube videos on Iphone Ipad and Mac

How to download Youtube videos on Iphone Ipad and Mac

How to download Youtube videos on Iphone Ipad and Mac

It is easy to save Youtube movies you like to both Iphone, Ipad and Mac. We’ll show you how. download Youtube videos on Iphone Ipad and Mac

Download Youtube on Iphone and Ipad
A few years ago it was really difficult to download Youtube videos on IOS. When IOS 12 was released, a new and powerful method came through the Shortcuts app. The same year, the Youtube Premium service, which includes downloading videos directly into the Youtube app – was released – easier than it will be download Youtube videos on Iphone Ipad and Mac.

IOS 13 provided it for the Shortcuts we have previously recommended for downloading movies. Various variations have since emerged, but thanks to the user Sethy Senthil of the Reddit community r / shortcuts, there is now a powerful shortcut called “Youtube ++” which when this article is published works with most videos. With it, you can: play the video in the background (so you can listen to music while using other apps), download the entire video or just download the audio download Youtube videos on Iphone Ipad and Mac.

Start by downloading Shortcuts if you do not already have it installed. You can read more about how the smart app works here. Then you also have to get the really smart app Scriptable from Danish developer Simon Støvring. It is used to run a javascript that looks up the video file itself.

Then install the shortcut from Routinehub . To read more about how it works, check out this Reddit thread . If you want to know what javascript the shortcut is running in Scriptable, you can look here. The reason it is downloaded every time you run the shortcut is that the developer often goes in and makes small changes, for example to make it work after any change Google has made on Youtube.

How to download Youtube videos on Iphone Ipad and Mac

You can use the shortcut from both Safari and the Youtube app. Find the video you want to download, press Share, and then tap More. Then select “Youtube ++” a bit down from the options. It will open the Shortcuts app and run the shortcut.

The first time you run it, the app will ask for permissions for several different things. If you deny it, it will end and not download anything download Youtube videos on Iphone Ipad and Mac.

A bit into the shortcut you get a question whether you want to play in the background or download video or audio. Normally, videos are saved to Pictures and audio files to Icloud Drive, but you can go into the shortcut and change targets to save videos on Icloud Drive, for example. If you have the VLC app installed, the open background video will try in it download Youtube videos on Iphone Ipad and Mac.

If you do not make it work, it can either be because that particular video is not working for some reason, that your internet connection was not stable enough, or that something went wrong in the shortcut. Try again. Try deleting and adding the shortcut again. Try another video download Youtube videos on Iphone Ipad and Mac.

In a video we test with, we repeatedly get an error message in Shortcuts that the app “cannot convert from text to media”, no matter what we do. If you really need a video that doesn’t work, you can test on a computer instead (see the tip on the next page).

Does not work in iOS 12
This shortcut only works on iOS 13, and as long as the developer keeps updating it to keep up with Google which often makes small changes to how Youtube downloads its video.

If you have iOS 12, you can test the shortcut JAYD (Just Another Youtube Downloader) which you also find on Routinehub.

Is it legal?
This is tricky, but remember that it takes you into something of a gray-scale area in terms of both law and morality. First of all, it prevents the filmmaker from making money on their creations, which may not be a danger if what you saved was a new commercial for Ipad or a relative’s beauty song at a wedding, but it could be worse if you save a video from someone of the many YouTube channels that rely on their videos download Youtube videos on Iphone Ipad and Mac.

In Sweden it is not illegal to download something that is not in itself illegal. Illegal file sharing, on the other hand, is illegal, so if you share a video you have saved this way, you are technically in violation of the law if you have not obtained the permission of the rights holder. However, in some other countries it is illegal to save a copy of a video this way and can be punishable. Our advice is to keep you private videos to never share saved videos to others.

If you are unsure, you can always ask the uploader if it is okay for you to save it for offline viewing.

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