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PUBG Mobile enters Season 14 with a new map called Livik. This is right for those who like to play fast!

PUBG Mobile constantly provides updates in the game, this time along with Season 14, PUBG Mobile released an exclusive map called Livik. Map Livik is inspired by a cup of coffee and is indeed made for players who like to play with a fast tempo and a shorter duration, which is around 15 minutes.


Of course, with a faster and shorter game tempo, the Livik map size is also the smallest compared to other maps in PUBG Mobile . For comparison, here is the area size of all the maps in PUBG Mobile :

  • Livik: 2km x 2km
  • Sanhok: 4km x 4km
  • Vikendi: 6km x 6km
  • Erangel: 8km x 8km
  • Miramar: 8km x 8km

As one of the most popular shoutcasters on PUBG Mobile , Florian “Wolfy” George also commented on Livik.

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“The map is not designed for 16 teams and 64 players. So, this map should only be for fun-match and casual. There are also a lot of rules that must be changed because Livik can only be used for 52 players. ” Light Wolfy. However, he admits that Livik can be very interesting if used in esports tournaments outside the official league. “It’s interesting, if the players are adjusted and maybe the points rules are changed to a priority to the number of kills.”

Regardless of whether it will be used for the official PUBG Mobile esports league or not, Wolfy explained that Livik is actually more exciting and changes strategy and playing style. “It’s a long way to go for exciting matters because we will definitely meet the enemy and fight continuously. The strategy changes to get off in a crowded place and look for as many kills as possible so that our points can quickly go up. ”.

Introducing Two New Weapons
Apart from offering a fast tempo and short duration, Livik also offers two new exclusive weapons that are only in this map. The first weapon in the Livik is the MK12 DMR which is very versatile because it can be used for long and close range. This weapon can also use a grip attachment to lower recoil . Apart from this weapon, there is also the P90 SMG which was previously available for Death Match mode. This weapon is suitable for short and medium ranges thanks to the number of bullets in one magazine and high fire rate .

Download PUBG Mobile IOS Latest Version
Download PUBG Mobile IOS Latest Version

In addition, Wolfy also commented on the Royale Pass Season 14 this time, “It’s really cool. The theme of the cave loves to kayak inspired by Mad Max yes. Hahaha … Cave loves watching Mad Max so tough time Pass the new Royale, cave instantly liked. “

When asked what reward from Royale Pass Season 14 he wanted the most, Wolfy replied, “Obviously the level 100 shirt is really cool! Must have…. ”

For those of you who want to look more stylish, conquer the Livik map and buy the Royale Pass Season 14, Top up UC PUBG Mobile cheaply and easily using Razer Gold

Download PUBG Mobile APK Latest Version

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