Discord: The Best Free Voice Chat Apps for Gaming


Discord advertises that the chat app is tailored to the needs of gamers. This applies not only to hobby gamers but also to real professionals. You will find out exactly what is behind the tool and what it can do better than TeamSpeak or Skype.

If you have not yet installed the app, you can find Discord here for download for Android and iOS. Also, you’ll find a desktop version for Windows, macOS download, and Linux. Alternatively, Discord works without downloading from the browser. All you need is a free account to use the service. It doesn’t matter which version you use. You can switch back and forth between the platforms at any time.

Discord: Communities by fans for fans
According to the developers, Discord is explicitly designed as an alternative to TeamSpeak and Skype. The tool is not only used for direct communication during the game. There are several communities on individual games or other topics. Most of the time, the exchange takes place only via text chat, so you can join in the discussion without a headset.

Create and network your server
Anyone can create individual servers, but strictly speaking, they are chat rooms. Servers can be subdivided into additional rooms. How did it work? Click on the “plus sign” in the center-right.




You will then be asked whether you want to create your server or join an existing one. Click on “Create Server”, name your server and you can build your community. If you have any questions, check out the official guide.

After you have given your server a name, you can start right away. Inc.

Once this is done, you can design the server as you like. You can create chat rooms where you and your friends either write messages or make phone calls. For this, too, simply click on the plus symbol at the respective field (text channels/voice channels).


If you link your Discord account to Steam, your profile also shows which game you are playing. Friend lists can also be imported in this way. It also works with services such as Twitch, Skype, Facebook, Steam, or Twitter.

Discord Nitro: The subscription offers these advantages
Discord operators do not advertise, but the app offers an optional paid service called Discord Nitro. There are two variants, Discord Nitro and Nitro Classic. Since the presentation on the official website is somewhat confusing, we have compared the differences in a table:



Friends lists and group language chats

Among other things, private lists of friends can be created in the app. You can connect the chat software to services such as Twitch, Skype, Facebook, Steam, or Twitter so that you can add your friends quickly and easily. Then there is the possibility to make group calls with Skype. Videotelephony, streaming, or screen sharing is also possible. Thanks to the Opus codec, Discord also convinces with good audio quality for calls. It’s almost as good as Teamspeak in terms of audio.

User interface and other features

A user-friendly dark mode is available for the user interface, which darkens the interface. A smart two-factor authentication optionally provides additional security when logging in. Discord can also send you to push notifications so that you don’t miss any posts. The app also provides the ability to screen transmission.


What is Discord? The features at a glance

  • The app is free and ad-free.
  • The optional and paid Discord Nitro subscription grants you access to special functions such as animated emojis, server boosts, and other special features.
  • There are voice and text chats for all users.
  • If you connect the chat software to Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, or Steam, you can import friend lists.
  • You can also open your server for yourself and your friends.
  • On public servers on all kinds of topics, discussions are usually held as text.
  • Have you tried Discord yet? What is your impression of the app? We look forward to your comment.

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