Which Canada travel insurance should you buy?

Which Canada travel insurance should you buy?

Which Canada travel insurance should you buy?

Canadian travel insurance is divided into three parts: visit Canada travel insurance, travel insurance and international student insurance. The article will also talk about super visa insurance, temporary medical insurance for the waiting period of the health card, medical insurance for accompanying parents and Schengen visa insurance.

Visit Canada Travel Insurance

It is also often referred to as visiting family visit insurance in Canada, visiting family insurance in Canada, visiting family insurance in Canada, super visa medical insurance, temporary Canadian medical insurance or private Canadian medical insurance. Vancouver Travel Insurance Calgary Travel Insurance Edmonton Travel Insurance Toronto Travel Insurance Winnipeg Travel Insurance Windsor Travel Insurance Victoria Travel Insurance Nanaimo Travel Insurance Ottawa Travel Insurance Regina Travel Insurance Halifax Travel Insurance Hamilton Travel Insurance London Travel Insurance Montreal Travel Insurance Saskatoon Travel Insurance JF Insurance

Its English name: Medical Insurance for Visitors to Canada.

Travel insurance for visiting relatives:

The main purchase objects are visiting relatives in Canada with a tourist visa, visiting tourists, and Canadian workers with a work visa .

Because they cannot enjoy the Canadian government’s medical insurance plan, they need to purchase visit Canada travel insurance to deal with the high medical costs of hospitalization due to illness or accidents. Canadian travel insurance prices

For Chinese immigrants, parents are increasingly visiting Canada to visit relatives, which is the main demand object of visiting Canada travel insurance. Therefore, visiting Canada travel insurance is used to be called Canadian parental visit insurance.

Super visa insurance:

The main purchase target is the super visa applicant

Super Visa provides visas for parents or grandparents applicants for multiple trips to Canada for 10 years, and each time you enter Canada, you will get a maximum stay of two years.

According to the relevant regulations of the Canadian Immigration Agency (CIC), when applying for a super visa, you must also submit proof of the purchase of private medical insurance. The medical insurance has the following requirements: it must be purchased for at least one year; the amount of medical insurance is 100,000 Canadian dollars or more; must be a medical insurance policy issued by a Canadian company.

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Temporary medical insurance for waiting period of health card

The main purchase target for the new immigrants, returned to the province from other provinces or the occupants to move into, but there is no provincial health card of the person

For new immigrants who have just arrived in Canada, who have returned to their home provinces, or who have moved in from other provinces, but do not have a health card from another province, they usually need to wait for three months before they can enjoy the Canadian government’s health insurance plan. period. During the three-month waiting period, new immigrants can purchase temporary medical insurance, that is, travel medical insurance for Canada.

Each province has different regulations on the waiting period for health cards, please refer to the following.

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Travel insurance

It is divided into two parts: tourism in Canada and overseas tourism.

The purchase of outbound travel insurance is for Canadian residents who enjoy the Canadian government medical insurance plan .

The provincial government’s public medical insurance seldom bears the burden of traveling abroad (Ontario officially canceled the cost of overseas medical treatment for Ontario residents from January 1, 2020), so travel insurance is also an important part of Canadian private medical insurance.

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New immigrants who come to Canada for temporary visitor or waiting for health card are not eligible for Canadian travel insurance, but new immigrants who come to Canada for visitor or health card waiting period will purchase Canadian travel insurance if they stay in Canada. More than 51%, outbound travel is covered (except to the country of origin).

Schengen visa travel insurance:

The main purchase targets are those who apply to travel and study abroad in European Schengen countries.

Schengen countries require tourists to purchase corresponding insurance when applying for a Schengen visa, and the Schengen countries have also imposed strict requirements on Schengen visa insurance, otherwise visas will not be issued.

Insurance requirements:

1. The Schengen visa insurance purchased must include the cost of repatriation due to illness, and the medical cost of first aid and emergency hospitalization must not be less than 30,000 euros.

In other words, the Schengen insurance purchased must be accompanied by travel accident medical insurance and global emergency rescue services, and the sum assured is at least 30,000 euros (about 50,000 Canadian dollars).

2. The Schengen insurance purchased must be valid for the entire Schengen country and the period of stay, that is to say, the insurance period must cover the date of travel and the date of return.

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International Student Insurance

Designed for international students studying in Canada . All international students should purchase international student health insurance when they arrive in Canada because they may not be eligible for the medical insurance health plan of the provincial government. Studying in provinces that cannot enjoy government medical insurance can only buy medical insurance from private insurance companies.

Our website recommends three international student insurance plans to you. For details of these three plans, please click the International Student Medical Insurance in the website menu . Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Ottawa, Waterloo, London, Hamilton, Windsor, Kingston, Guelph, Victoria, Nanaimo, Halifax, Montreal, Quebec and Quebec City, PEI

Accompanying parents’ medical insurance:

Accompanying parents’ medical insurance actually belongs to the category of international student insurance. In recent years, international students from China have shown a trend of becoming younger and younger. It is now more common for elementary school students to study abroad. Along with this, the number of accompanying parents is also increasing, and the time and time spent with children in Canada Children go to school as long.

If you are a family member accompanying you, you must live with an international student. If accompanying family members and students purchase together, and the coverage period is the same, all student plans can be sold to students and accompanying family members at the same time.

In fact, most schools already include the cost of student insurance purchased by the school for the overseas study fees they are required to pay, so many international students do not need to purchase student insurance by themselves. So, in this case, can the parents of the students still buy international student insurance? The answer is yes, and for now, there is only one company that provides such opportunities to the majority of accompanying parents. This is TUGO’s student plan.

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