Call of Duty Warzone: players open mysterious bunker 11 - they discovered that

Call of Duty Warzone: players open mysterious bunker 11 – they discovered that

Call of Duty Warzone: players open mysterious bunker 11 - they discovered that

Since the big update 1.21, several bunkers can suddenly be entered in Call of Duty Warzone. Players get access with the key cards distributed on the card. A different procedure is required to open bunker 11. Fans have now found a way to open the mysterious vault. In a stream they show how they got access and what content the bunker has ready. Among other things: a new SMG blueprint.

With update 1.21, Infinity Ward not only implemented optimizations for Call of Duty Warzone, but also map changes. For example, players have found that some of the bunkers on the map can now be accessed. The key cards distributed on the map allow access. A different approach is required for bunker 11 in order to enter it. The Trio WhosImmortal, eColiespresso and ProRebron have successfully opened Bunker 11 – and revealed the secrets of the Vault.

Player CourageJD was also able to open the bunker together with his squad. We have included the recording of the stream below. The video also shows what players can expect inside Bunker 11 in Call of Duty Warzone ( buy now ) . The players have published pictures of the secrets on their Twitter channels. In addition to an atomic bomb, TV monitors can also be seen in the bunker. The computers can be restarted.

Even more: when you enter the bunker, a new SMG blueprint is activated. You can find more details in the video below. By the way, Infinity Ward has submitted another update for Modern Warfare and Warzone . The playlist patch primarily fixes bug fixes for errors that had occurred since update 1.21 . The update provides an error correction for the trios especially for Warzone. Here it could happen that the groups of three could not start properly. The first person shooters are available on PC and consoles.

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