What happens to Apple's headset? Here's everything we know

What happens to Apple’s headset? Here’s everything we know

What happens to Apple's headset? Here's everything we know

Here’s everything we think we know about Apple’s next major product category.

Tasks: Apple plans to release Steve Jobs model of its eyeglasses

According to Apple leak Jon Prosser, Apple is currently working on a special edition of its upcoming scars, based on the glasses model Steve Jobs used to wear, reports Cult of Mac .

What happens to Apple's headset? Here's everything we know

The special edition will be called “Steve Jobs Heritage” Edition and released in limited edition. The model will be a pair of rounded John Lennon-style arches, similar to the ones Steve Jobs wore during the latter part of his life.

Apple has also previously released a special edition of Apple Watch in gold for $ 10,000.

Update (2020-05-19)

Tasks: This will be the name of Apple’s smart glasses
Well-known tech leaker Jon Prosser claims that Apple will launch a pair of smart glasses named Apple Glass in late 2021 or early 2022.

Both lenses will be equipped with built-in screens and gestures can be used to navigate the system. According to reports, we also see built-in LIDAR and support for wireless charging.

The idea is to pair the glasses with an Iphone, so it will be a similar solution that previously applied to the Apple Watch.

The price is said to end at $ 499 and up depending on configuration. If you want to customize the lenses to fit your vision, it also costs extra, reports Macrumors .

If the information is correct, then it looks like Apple has two different AR gadgets going on. In addition to the smart glasses, it is rumored that a headset similar to Google Cardboard. This product is believed to be launched somewhat later, more specifically 2022 or 2023.

Update (2019-11-11)

Tasks: Apple’s headset is several years away
New data goes against previous rumors that Apple will invest heavily in launching an AR headset as early as 2020.

According to The Information , via Macrumours , Apple is instead working on releasing the headset only in 2022, followed by a more slim version of the product in 2023.

The new data will be based on leaks from an internal presentation led by Apple executives this year and CEO Mike Rockwell held for Apple employees at Apple Park in October.

According to the data, the headset should use a high-resolution screen and cameras that allow the user to read small text and see real people standing in front of or behind virtual objects by allowing the technology to perceive the surfaces, edges and dimensions of a room.

The whole thing will be demonstrated on site with a virtual coffee machine placed in a real kitchen and surrounded by real people who stood in front of and behind it.

According to The Information, Apple’s headset should have a smooth design built from lightweight materials and fabric to make it as comfortable as possible. It should not be completely different from Facebook’s Oculus Quest.

It is expected that Apple will let third-party developers access the technology in 2021, followed by launch in 2022.

Update (2019-10-21):

Tasks: Full focus for Apple
Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has taken a closer look at Apple’s AR plans and claims that the new headset will offer “holographic displays”, but he does not go into exactly what that means.

On the other hand, we are told that the headset will be synchronized with the Iphone, which means that you get access to text messages, emails, maps and games that you have on your mobile phone. There may eventually be talk of a separate App Store for the headset, but in the beginning the download of apps is probably via the “regular” App Store.

Update (2019-09-11):

The iOS 13 file indicates that Apple is building an AR headset
In conjunction with Apple’s iPhone event on Tuesday night, a new pre-release version of IOS 13 was sent out to registered developers and other beta testers.

A closer look at the code reveals that an augmented reality (s) headset appears to be under development, reports Engadget . Among other things, there are references to a new framework called Starboard which, by all accounts, has to do with ar apps.

According to well-known ios developer Steve Troughton-Smith, the rendering is done on the iPhone, which means that the headset itself does not have to be very powerful.

The code also seems to reveal that there may be talk of some kind of hand control as an accessory. Interestingly, it is also said to be possible to run scripts without the headset, at least judging by a readme file embedded in said beta version of IOS 13.

Previously (2019-05-24):

Hottest rumors about Apple’s headset
Apple – and not least the company’s CEO Tim Cook – has been talking hot about augmented reality for a while now. But perhaps the best device to use and benefit from augmented reality is not an iPhone or iPad we hold in front of us – but a pair of connected glasses to put on the nose.

At least it seems that Apple believes. For years, it has been rumored that Apple makes some kind of headset or glasses, possibly for virtual reality but more likely for ar – augmented reality.

Rumors of the headset are still few in number and mostly vague in the descriptions, but if we ever get to see the Apple glasses it will be a whole new product category and one of the company’s perhaps most exciting new products in a long time.

What happens to Apple's headset? Here's everything we know

AR Kit on Ipad
Photo: AppleApple is already dealing with augmented reality, but so far only in the form of the developer tool AR Kit.
The rumor began in 2014
A job advertisement in 2014 aroused the interest of many for what Apple has for VR and AR plans, two to say the least, hot technologies during the 10s. The job application was quickly removed when it attracted too much attention, but it appeared that Apple was looking for engineers specializing in 3D graphics, virtual and augmented reality.

Since then, Apple has hired several well-known people in what it seems like for similar purposes, not least Nick Thompson, who previously worked as an audio hardware engineer for Microsoft’s Hololens.

In addition, some patents point to the fact that the work has gone on even longer than that. Apple may have worked with augmented and virtual reality for more than ten years, but has yet to release anything more concrete than support for developing VR applications on the Mac, as well as the AR Kit in iOS.

Flashes and alarming rumors
In 2017, a security inspector happened to send a secret email to hundreds of Apple employees, far far more than it was intended. While the data was scarce, Apple pointed to a prototype of some kind being worn on its head.

The content was more disturbing, two of those who tested the prototype complained of pain in the eyes . There are problems that need to be solved before a launch occurs, but it is an interesting insight that clearly points to Apple testing head-mounted devices already in 2017.

VR and AR headsets with 8k resolution
Perhaps the most concrete rumors so far appeared in 2018, this time with information from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Here we talk about a “revolutionary” headset that will use two 8k screens for each eye.

What happens to Apple's headset? Here's everything we know

Apple’s headset – all we know
Photo: Martin Hajek / IdropnewsAn older concept image of a pair of smart glasses from Apple.
The device must be combined with another standalone unit where the actual processing takes place over a wireless 60 gHz wigig connection. In addition, it should somehow combine ours and years into the same unit, unclear how apple’s headset.

An 8k screen for each eye sounds both very expensive and possibly exaggerated, but such a high resolution has its advantages. Higher resolution gives a more real-life experience, and can also reduce the risk of feeling sick or “sick.”

What happens to Apple's headset? Here's everything we know

Apple’s headset – all we know
Photo: AppleAn Apple-signed patent that was discovered in February 2019.

A new operating system
After Mac OS, IOS, TV OS and Watch OS comes: R OS apple’s headset.

“R” should stand for reality here, and may be an IOS-based operating system specifically designed for Apple glasses. The glasses may also have their own App Store for year-end applications and year-round games.

New data in 2019
After a period of silence on the rumor front, 2019 began with further new information about “Apple Glasses”.

These details, however, speak of something a little more dimmed. No 8k screens, but new patents that show a “head mounted screen” that can be used to add a computer-generated view of the user’s own field of view.

Here, information about places and points of interest can be displayed to the user, but also things on a much smaller scale: like helping a user interpret a dashboard in a car, translating a text or finding and identifying things on a much smaller scale, for example in a home .

New data from as late as March 2019, reported by Ming-Chi Kuo, is another departure from previous data on a monster headset with 8k screens. Instead, it is stated that the eyeglasses will be launched as a lightweight iPhone accessory rather than a standalone product.

Previous data talked about a high price of around $ 1,300, around $ 13,000, but it’s possible that Apple has since shifted the development of the glasses to something nicer and simpler, and more of an iPhone accessory for scar applications rather than a expensive, game-focused 8k headset.

SEK 13,000 sounds a lot for something that is classified as an Iphone accessory, although several thousand dollars is probably a reasonable price apple’s headset.

Apple’s other iPhone accessories like Airpods and Apple Watch cost everything from around $ 1,800 for the headphones, and from just over $ 4,000 for the Apple Watch Series 4. Possibly, it could give a clue as to how much Apple thinks you can charge for a iPhone accessories.

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