Apex Legends: First weekly quest started - you have to complete these tasks

Apex Legends: First weekly quest started – you have to complete these tasks

Apex Legends: First weekly quest started - you have to complete these tasks

The first weekly quest was launched in the Apex Legends battle royale shooter. In the mission called “The Broken Mind”, there are a number of tasks you will need to accomplish over the next few days. You can find further details in this regard in the report.

With the start of Season 5, the first weekly quest in the battle royale shooter Apex Legends also started. In principle, it is the search for new parts of a mysterious artifact, which should extend over the entire season. The starting shot is fired with the current mission called “The Broken Mind”.

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For example, you can unlock a treasure pack per day for competitive games that contains several rewards. If you manage to collect all nine pieces of the artifact, there are even more extras. You also uncover a big secret. Here are the official notes or description of the event:

Collect daily treasure packs – a maximum of one per day – in Apex Legends competition matches ( buy now for € 9.00 ) to unlock rewards and new hunts for the missing pieces.

Goes weekly hunting in the Royal Gorge at night to get parts of the artifact. Face the dangers solo or with your squad, and come back alive. You can always take part in hunts, but you will only receive rewards if you have unlocked the mission yourself.

Earn more rewards with each hunt and unlock chapters that tell the story of “The Broken Mind”. What is this artifact about and why do everyone, from the Apex legends to Hammond Robotics, want to get their hands on it?
Obtain all nine parts of the relic to unlock even more rewards, delve into the past, and uncover a secret the Outlands may not be ready for yet.

Source: Respawn Entertainment

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