How to make any Android smartphone run as fast as an iPhone

How to make any Android smartphone run as fast as an iPhone

At the beginning of Android, this system was extremely slow and unstable. Even top smartphones couldn’t

use your capabilities to the fullest. Now Android has grown into a full-fledged fast and optimized system – however, there is an easy way to make it even faster.

Although modern Android smartphones are faster and smoother than the flagships just a few years ago, iPhones still almost always win speed tests. The only exception to this rule is the comparison of the OnePlus 5T with the iPhone X, which last November published on its EverythingApplePro channel. Below you can look at the extremely unexpected defeat of the iPhone X.

Why do iPhones work so incredibly smoothly? There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, Snapdragon or even Exynos processors are not yet able to compare with Apple A. Secondly, software optimization plays a huge role. However, Apple didn’t work in the latest iOS update – and this is partly justified by the success of the OnePlus 5T in the already mentioned comparison. But there is another, third thing, thanks to the work of iOS it feels so comfortable. And the point here is not at all about top-end chips or complex algorithms. The point is faster animation when opening and closing applications, as well as while switching between them. Android smartphone run as fast as an iPhone

It would seem that such a simple thing will not affect the impression of using the system, but, believe me, this plays a huge role. Just think about how you use your smartphone. How often do you open applications from the desktop, close them, scroll through screens, switch between open applications and all that stuff. Each time you do this, the speed of the animation affects how fast and smooth you perceive the system as a whole. Android smartphone run as fast as an iPhone

On Apple devices, these animations are lightning fast and perfectly polished. Of course, modern Android flagships are already approaching a similar effect, but so far the animation in iPhones remains the best. However, it makes no sense to deny that Android is a more flexible operating system than iOS. And few people know that you can even configure the speed of such animations in it. Android smartphone run as fast as an iPhone

Want to try it yourself? It is quite simple and does not require superuser privileges. You only need to access the hidden menu of developers. To do this, do the following: 

Go to Settings and select the menu item About Smartphone . If the version of Android on your device is 8.0 or higher, in the settings, first select System and already inside this category, click on About smartphone .
Scroll down to Model Number. Android smartphone run as fast as an iPhone

How to make any Android smartphone run as fast as an iPhone

Touch this item 7 times. You should see a message that you have become a developer,
Done! Now, when you return to the previous screen, you will see a new menu item For Developers . This section has access to many hidden features. If you are new to this, we do not recommend changing anything other than the settings described. Android smartphone run as fast as an iPhone

To speed up the animation, you need to scroll through the For Developers menu until you see the following items:

  • Window animation
  • Transition Animation
  • Animation duration

By default, each of these items should have a value of 1x – that is, the standard speed. We just need to touch each of these items and change 1x on .5x , after which we can exit the menu. Please note that you need to choose exactly .5x (with a dot), and not 5x – on some smartphones this is displayed as 0.5x or 0.5x. This means that the animation will play twice as fast.

This simple instruction will allow you to visually speed up the system. Try and see how noticeable the difference

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