5 FIFA 21 Features Announced by EA Sports5 FIFA 21 Features Announced by EA Sports

5 FIFA 21 Features Announced by EA Sports

There are several features of FIFA 21 that are confirmed to be present. The gimbot has already collected five, anything? Here’s the review!

EA Sports has just released a trailer to announce the arrival of FIFA 21 . But even so, the video trailer doesn’t provide much information about what this one game will bring . But even so, EA Sports itself has confirmed several features that are certain to be present in their favorite sports game .

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Some of these features are expected to provide significant differences between FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 . For those of you who are big fans of FIFA , you must know the five features that will definitely be present to make FIFA 21 more solid. So what are the features? Here is the review!

1. 5 Vs 5 Volta

5 FIFA 21 Features Announced by EA Sports

FIFA 20 has surprisingly brought an old but new approach called Volta. Yes, Volta is a street soccer game mode similar to the previous EA Sports game called FIFA Street . But unfortunately, Volta didn’t help FIFA 20 to shine brightly. The market has all the bad things in Volta that make it really boring.

Now, FIFA 21 is trying new luck by relaunching Volta, namely 5 Vs 5 Volta. This mode will allow you to play with three of your friends in online 5 Vs 5 matches . The only homework is to improve the servers from Volta are much better than FIFA 20. 5 FIFA 21 Features Announced by EA Sports

Because in Volta FIFA 20 mode , the biggest complaint is the poor online match system .

2. Competitor Mode

5 FIFA 21 Features Announced by EA Sports

This mode is the latest additional mode to be embedded in FIFA 21 . Yes, Competitor Mode allows you to face an AI who has a style like the world’s FIFA champions like Tekkz and Msdossary. Of course, in this way the AI ​​or CPU will be wilder and harder to beat compared to the standard CPU or AI.

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Surely this is a very good idea especially for those of you who want to improve your game development to face friends or tournaments in real life. We will see how fun and cool Competitor Mode looks like.

3. Positioning is better than the previous series

5 FIFA 21 Features Announced by EA Sports

Awareness in positioning is one of the vital aspects that greatly affects football. In FIFA 21 , the awareness of this ball placement will be raised to an even more exciting level where world-class players will have more attributes that give them a better position advantage than other players.

FIFA 21 provides an example of David Silva and Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City who will be better at finding positions among opposing players. This ability will vary depending on the position and type of player they face.

Attributes such as speed, strength, finishing and dribbling will greatly determine each player’s positioning personality . If it is done well and seriously, this will be a great thing.

4. Improved Response during Football

This is one small change but it will have a big effect. Yes, FIFA 21 will revise the basics in football. They do this with various kinds of feedback from the FIFA community .

One of the updates is to increase the response which is one of the problems in FIFA 20 . Especially when playing online , the input and output that are present are often constrained so that the gameplay becomes less comfortable. This way, the players can win or lose but in a way that is less fun.

One of the things that is the focus is the header, defending and passing. With some changes to the core of the game, it is hoped that FIFA 21 will be better than the previous FIFA series . 5 FIFA 21 Features Announced by EA Sports

5. More Powerful AI

The intelligence of the enemy is reportedly going to be improved in FIFA 21 so that the gameplay becomes more fun, especially for gamers who usually play alone. Not only enemy AI, AI friends yourself that you cannot control will also of course be improved for the better. 5 FIFA 21 Features Announced by EA Sports

With this super step, it is hoped that FIFA 21 will look more exciting and especially be able to fight with its competitors, of course eFootball PES

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